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☆彡 Who I Pretend to Be

☆彡 Ethereon

☆ The Ghost Type Eeveelution (Fakemon) ☆

Name: Ethereon
Type: Ghost
Number: 888
Evolved From: Eevee
Height: 2' 11"
Weight: 59.8 lbs

Evolution Process: (Common) Evolution in the presnce of Spirit Stone; (Exception) If Eevee's happiness is low and it faints in a battle, it will evolve into Ethereon.This is do to the unseen attraction of dead Pokemon spirits from its unhappiness, possessing it.

Description: Ethereon has a large black mane that looks like hair on its head, it covers it red eyes. Its eyes are usually only seen when the wind blows or in battle. It is said to be more of a sad pokemon as it evolves when happiness is low, but is always looking for that trainer who will love and take care of Ethereon. Five pink-purple orbs help it with its ghost energy and the mist that comes off it makes wild pokemon run away. (More will come later about that) Since it walks around with its mane over its eyes usually, it trusts its ears and can sense what is around it to figure out its location and where a pokemon might be.

Pokedex Entry: Ethereon, the Ghost Type Pokemon, is the evolution of Eevee, it is said that the mist that comes off of Ethereon is actually captured spirits of lost souls and due to this Ethereon is most likely a never happy pokemon. It doesn't use its eyes to see, but its ears and senses; Ethereon is said to mostly be hiding in the Lavendar Town Tower where it sings to all the graves of lost pokemon to help them get into heaven. If a trainer walks by, it is said to hear and see the shadow of Ethereon.


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☆彡 A Lil' About Me

Art by griff-chii

☆彡 D o k i . D o k i

"Do You Remember Love?"

☆彡 Abra Maneki

☆ The Lucky Cat Inspired Foxfan ☆

Abra Maneki, or Abra for short, is a Foxfan heavily inspired by Lucky Cats. She is a playful, happy-go-lucky, albeit sometimes clumsy, little ball of adorable with an uncanny ability to have the best of luck happen to her and those she holds dear. But don't be mistaken, sometimes the best of luck are the small daily miracles we often take for granted until faced with adversity - and Abra is there to remind you of that.

"The best of luck is the one you make for yourself!"

She is accompanied by three lucky cat spirits, one of which likes to rest atop her koban that adorns her head. Abra wears a glass bell-shape trinket on her collar where the spirits often rest. She likes to think that these friends light her path when the road in life gets dark.

It's no wonder why she has such a positive outlook and aire about her.

☆彡 You Are



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